The Birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh
The Village
East Budleigh
District Councillor Alan Dent  01395 444238
District Councillor Tom Wright   01395 444222
District Councillor Steve Hall   01395 444017
County Councillor Christine Channon   01395 442927
Our group of Councillors work together as a team and with the Parish, and this is most important in making sure that our community voice is heard at both District and County levels. Alan Dent is heavily involved with Planning and attempts to ensure that the values that we all hold dear are upheld, but at the same time the area cannot be allowed to become a backwater. Christine Channon, who is a long standing Councillor, uses her experience to support local causes and ensure that we get a fair share of the County resources. Tom Wright runs the Venture Hall Youth Club and his experience as a Chief Superintendent is invaluable. Steve Hall, serving his second term as Councillor, heads the local Licensing Authority and has just completed his term as Mayor of Budleigh.
Our County and District Councillors
District Councillor Geoff Jung is not strictly speaking one of our Councillors, but represents the neighbouring Ward of Raleigh. However he is most welcome to our Parish Council meetings and will no doubt work  well with our three District Councillors and Christine Channon of County.
District Councillor Geoff Jung
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