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Chamber of Commerce’s letter to the Budleigh Journal

As chairman of the Budleigh Salterton Chamber Of Commerce I am deeply disappointed with this news.

Many people in Budleigh Salterton and the surrounding areas of East Budleigh, Otterton and Exmouth including the towns businesses use this bank branch following the closure of Lloyd’s in Exmouth.

To force businesses to travel to Sidmouth everyday to do their banking is unacceptable and while the bank may feel that having a mobile banking facility is acceptable, for businesses it is not!!

Also the bank is suggesting that people use the post office to do their banking, this only adds further pressure to the staff at the post office who have to deal with NatWest and other banks customers who are all trying to pay money in. The line for the post office will become so long that businesses will either be forced to travel to Sidmouth which will force them to close their shops early or open later, which is not good for our high street. Or it might force them to only acceptable card payments which for some customers isn’t helpful and doesn’t give the customer a choice in paying for good and services.

This decision has also been made with no public consultation and with no thought to what the wider impact might be for the town and the surrounding areas. The chamber of commerce will be doing everything it can to try and change this decision.

Kind Regards

Mike Hilliar

Help with Budleigh Banking!

We had four Banks in Budleigh quite recently and now we are about to lose our last one. Lloyds is due to close in January, the good news is that you can do most of your banking at the Post office. See the Manager’s comments below.

Jill the Post Manager’s Comments

Lloyds bank is informing customers that they will be able to do their banking at the Budleigh Post Office. The Post Office is more than happy to absorb the extra work, but points out that only private and business basic transactions can be carried out including cash and cheque deposits and cash withdrawals. For anything more complicated, customers will be forced to travel to the Lloyds Bank in Sidmouth.

Councillor Tom Wright’s Comments

“This is a disgrace, Lloyd’s is the last bank standing in the town. Accounts are to be transferred to Sidmouth, a 45 minute bus journey away. I have been a Lloyds’ customer for decades and whilst I do most of my banking on line, when I do pop into the Budleigh branch there is invariably some elderly customer seeking advice and help. This decision makes a mockery of Lloyds’ advertising slogan ‘With you every step of the way’.

It will also harm the high street. Many businesses and residents of the villages around nearby use the bank and then shop or use the cafes. They will go elsewhere.

Tom Wright.”