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Mobile Mast

We now have a Mobile Mast installed and it appears to be popular with most residents in East Budleigh. Certainly the mobile reception has been improved. It could indeed be the start of an enormous improvement to the environment by doing away with 19th Century  technology, copper wires and telegraph poles all over the village. The trend has started with major companies like Price Waterhouse doing away with land lines and using mobile phones in their offices. Just imagine how our village would improve without all those poles and wires.

It does not need to be like this:

If you search the Internet you will quickly see that masts can easily be camouflaged as trees and part of buildings so that they blend with their surroundings.

 This is a Mobile Mast

And the manufactures claim it has practically no effect on the signal!

From: Chris Woodruff

Sent: 01 August 2018 16:50

To: Planning Central <>

Cc: David Colman <>; 'Chris Hariades' <>

Subject: 17/0775/TEL

Dear planning central

I have received a number of complaints about the impact of this antenna in EBudleigh and subsequently visited the site. I had assumed with the landscape and tree officer engaged with the original application that the mitigation would be covered and made no further comments on the second submission which was approved.

 Having visited the site today I can understand concerns. The mast is particularly visible from the Yettington road  and approaches in the village and the proposed landscape scheme seems unlikely to alleviate this impact in particular in the former location. Furthermore, it also seems likely that with ash dieback, the main tree currently providing some form of screening to the south will be lost in the near future, exposing the mast.  

I therefore have some questions which would be helpful if you could respond to:

Has the landscaping scheme been implemented? If not…..

Is there scope to reconsider the landscaping with the landowner/applicant (to also include contingency planning for the loss of the ash)

How is the council allowing for loss of ash trees in landscaping proposals involving existing trees

 Chris Woodruff

Manager   East Devon AONB Partnership

Your local District Councillors are well aware of this situation and Councillor Tom Wright lobbied Chris Woodruff of the AONB for his support. Below you can see a copy of the resulting  AONB letter to the East Devon District Council.

The AONB letter to the District Council

However there is a downside. Instead of ugly poles and wires within the village,  we now are getting ugly masts in the surrounding countryside. Very visible if  you leave the village centre and walk among the surrounding hills and paths.