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The Birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh
East Budleigh
The Chairman and Treasurer of the local British Legion.
East Budleigh’s very own car rally team.
Subaru Impreza. Driven with great success by Colin McRae and
with an unmistakable sound from the ‘Flat Four’ engine.
At our Scarecrow Festival, our local garage fielded a display of some of their motor rally cars. I am sure that not many people living in our quiet village were aware of this glamorous activity taking place.
Ford Escort Mk 2. From the late 1970’s these were Ford's last rear wheel drive economy size family saloon and which were much favoured by Rally teams.
Vintage cars on display in the Vicarage.
Triumph Vitesse 2 litre Mk 1 Saloon.
Triumph Dolomite Sprint
Fiat 500
Triumph TR6
Ford Escort XR3
All information by Paul Jolly Jolly Cars.
Triumph Spitfire
Mini Mk 2
Triumph 2.5 PI Estate